Facebook Addiction

Well it must be said whilst I am sure this title made many of us smile – it is actually no laughing matter! It attaches a whole new meaning to the initials FA! While most of you reading this may chuckle, as you are well aware of this disorder, but how many of you areContinue reading “Facebook Addiction”

Yet more holiday disasters!

As promised, following on from my last post in the series I have jotted down a few more of my disastrous memories, in order to convince you to take a stay at home vacation instead of dolling out thousands on memories you frantically try to forget! Camping This has to be my worst holiday likeContinue reading “Yet more holiday disasters!”

Holiday Adventures – Part 1

It’s that time of year where we finally have the opportunity to not spend every penny of our wages on Christmas presents that our children will probably never even take out of the box, and instead of taking that rare opportunity and lavishing ourselves with gifts, as a nation we usually book that annual summerContinue reading “Holiday Adventures – Part 1”


Feeling slightly unaccomplished on my bucket list for 2012 and am not really being helped by people’s Facebook status discussing their immense proudness upon reflection of their achievements for the outgoing year!!! I must admit I did sit down – keypad upon my knee trying to rack my brains to impress my friends list withContinue reading “GOODBYE 2012”