Mother’s Day or yet another Children’s day in disguise?

Anybody else feel under immense pressure to post pictures of the sentimental beautiful messages that their children have written to them on this very special day? Or maybe Instagram the piles of thoughtful presents? Share details of days out or special moments shared with the fruits of your loins? Yeah of course you do! And should anybody say anything to the contrary, then they are simply being contrary for attention – right?

Well I must say that I did receive such lovely things …… from my 7 year old!!!! The teenager and pre teen barely notice I exist and certainly a day on the calendar labelled ‘Mother’s Day’ didn’t hold enough clout to change that! I will give it to them … they dutifully landed on my bed (after the husband had dragged them out of bed) with a card that they had been forced to sign. They reluctantly watched me open presents where they had about as great an idea as I had, as to what lay beneath the sparkly packaging. They also yelled surprise as poor Dad offered the full English over on a cute cushioned pink tray, knowing full well they had slept through the whole preparation of it. Oh well I suppose they at least looked at me for a whole 120 seconds.

I wasn’t fortunate enough however that they adopted the mantra of ‘Mother’s Day’. You know where the mother gets waited on hand and foot and they smile all day, refuse to be dragged into physical arguments with each other and generally ….be nice normal children who I would adore to spend time with. Nope, I hadn’t even finished mopping up the beans with my hash browns when they were launching each other over the back of the sofa and screaming the obligatory ‘Mmmmmmuuuummmmmm’. They soon left the house to spend the day with ‘Friends’ and I will not hasten to tell you … I was absolutely joyous about their decision!

The  Teen Daughter did the standard ‘Facebook pic collage’post though. Only mine wasn’t like the others I had perused on social media!  When the tag binged on my phone, I was expecting to see something along the lines of ‘Best Mum in the world’ or ‘ You do so much for us’… you know the ones … basically gushing with pride and adoration for their creator! But mine detailed how I showed ‘great strength’ when dealing with life! Not to mention how ‘I show everyone that I am not weak, as I always sort myself out after being sad’! The whole of the internet (well at least the 600 friends that she has on there) must have been wondering which extreme mental disorder I had. They were definitely envisaging me sobbing on the bathroom floor whilst my children were foraging for food in my empty cupboards and preparing themselves for school all alone.

But all that aside, I did have my gorgeous, attentive, kind 7 year old to spend the day with. So what did we do? Bowling? Safari Park? Dinner? Swimming? Craft day? Oh the choice was endless …… but unfortunately due to my extreme hangover from a sneaky few drinks the night before ….. I slept the day away of the sofa whilst my husband entertained the children. Well, maybe I don’t deserve Mother of the Year award after all?

I could torture myself with guilt of how I wiled the day away rather than create memories like every other mother on Facebook seemed to manage. Or I could decide that ‘Mothers Day’ is exactly that …. Mother’s Day …. and since I am a mother 3 times over …. I will damn well do what I like with it !

Happy Mothers Day Everyone!







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