Oh no she didn’t …. oh yes she did!

Keeping with the festive feel of the season …. I wanted to bring you news of good tidings. Ok so I haven’t quite given birth to the Christ himself (but if I had, let me tell you: I would place him in a more suitable place than a god damn manger). But to me, these good tidings are akin to giving birth (metaphorically speaking).  So here goes …. I have given birth to a …………………. new book!!!! Yes!! Now if you are a writer, you will understand that similarly to pregnancy, the weight of carrying around unfinished/unpublished work can be a nightmare. The symptoms are often the same: people always asking when it is out, the constant nausea of worry and (let’s be honest) always a little unsure of whether you will like it once it is finally out (or was that just me?).


Anyway so here it is. Unlike my usual works, this is a children’s book!! Yes, I know – check me out all prim and that! Believe it or not, I do have a softer side. And you will be pleased to know ….. yes I like this one. 🙂

This story is a celebration of the uniqueness of being ginger. How the 2% of the world’s population that are ginger have natural super powers that they aren’t often even themselves aware of!

So, if like me, you have a ginger or two: I am myself the maker of three gingers (maybe I am more godly than I first let on – bring me the manger after all), then this book is a lovely story for them to remind them of exactly why they need to proud of their heritage. Celebrate the red head in your life – regardless of age.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.

Happy Red Celebrations xx

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