Living the Dream, Parenting a Teen!

If you are recently contemplating your own early death as the only viable coping mechanism for parenting teenagers… then fear not!!! I am going to bring to you regular positive point prompts (from my new book) of why having teenagers is awesome. So let’s start right here:

1) No alarm clock needed on a weekend (saving both money and the annoyance of having to remember to set it). As a parent to teenagers you will be provided with the wonderful experience of waking up to the sound of your 16 year old daughter sobbing her eyes out screaming at her boyfriend down the phone probably due to spending the night at a party laying his tools to some pre teen who he has recently stacked up the streaks with. Thus having the added bonus of bringing back your own horrific memories of the purgatory that is adolescence.

But if you should be unfortunate enough to not be blessed with a raging hormonal and terribly unstable daughter, and only a zombified, full of rage son – then fear not … this positive point can still be applied to you! Ok .. so you may not get the petrified sobs full of separation anxiety but instead you will be awoken to the beautiful ringing of virtual frustration, violent threats and warbling over a lack of bullets not to mention a lack of co-operation from his ‘fucking retarded’ virtual team mates (clearly their words not mine).

Now …. if like me … you are pleasantly blessed with one child from each gender bracket, then imagine the joy of being awoken by the sublime ringing of both of the afore mentioned, simultaneously!!! Yes … simultaneously!!! There is nothing better than being dragged from your sleepy slumberous dream ( who wants Channing Tatum to school them anyway : / ) by two screaming banshees, from opposite ends of the tone bracket – making for quite a symphony sprinkled with profanities.
Ahhhhhhh … seriously this is living the motherhood dream. Get in on the action and create your own teenager today!!

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