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It is so quirky, raw and original. She has a talent to transport me to a time and place I have never experienced. A very funny and talented writer.
Carol Bennett – Canada


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Reading ‘The diary of an Ageing Sexual Adolescent’ was a blast from the past and while our musical tastes weren’t the same, our romantic interludes seemed to be. It will strike a note with most 1990s teens out there; the teeth smashing, the indiscriminate fancying of anyone and everyone, the straying into enemy territory in the pursuit of love, it’s all here. But what struck me the most was how the tone subtly changed, much like our heroine, as life and love played it’s wicked game with her. I read the last section through in one night, so desperate was I to know the outcome. A brave, honest and laugh out loud cringe fest coupled with the heart wrenching destruction of your ideals regarding love. A fab read, a definite buy.
Jaimee Beavers – UK




It’s Here ……………………..
The day that I have feared, anticipated, vomited over is finally upon me. I hope you enjoy my seeds my friends. Without you, I am nothing. Thank you for walking this lengthy journey by my side.
All my love,
Angelina xxx

Angelina Avator




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