Why Hello : )!

In true mental ‘no time’ mother style. I set up this blog and have had no time to blog! So I am currently up at 4.30 a.m making time to write this blog as I have a bad case of the dodgy tummy. No doubt I have picked it up from one of the dirty finger print ridden books of which I am unlucky enough to have to mark due to my apparently fortunate position of ‘classroom teacher’ (in a high school – may I add). Yes it’s a strange situation that when you let somebody know for the first time that you are a teacher they are all full of coo’s and ahh’s! Seemingly conjuring up the imagery of a ‘Miss Honey’ type who smiles a lot while energetically shaping the children of tomorrow with effortless style and a warm hearted approach! Then as they probe further and realise I am in fact an English teacher in a secondary school, their appreciative smiles quickly turn into one of confusion as they attempt to decipher what it was that happened to me to make me throw myself to a pit of Satans on a daily basis! A failed primary teacher maybe? Unable to secure a job in writing? Ok maybe they had me there!

So as well as juggling what those in the profession regularly refer to as a ‘very demanding career’ (and those that aren’t in the profession – a set of lazy t$%t’s with far too many holidays) I am the mother to 3 very vivacious darling little red heads. I think that’s how I’m supposed to refer to them anyway. But if you want a more accurate idea of what I’m dealing with here, I may make a reference to Tim Burton’s Nightmare before Christmas, and the characters who play Oggie Boogie’s boys – namely Lock, Shock and Barrell! Don’t get me wrong, this is no ‘bad mummy’ blog and I will not be leaving children unattended with potty’s and poo whilst I lay nonchalantly with the latest gossip rag in my manicured hands, boasting to you about the disasters that I willingly let occur that day simply so I could raise a few laughs from my readers. No I can honestly say that any of the disasters that I may share with you, are the result of sheer bad luck and a total utter lack of disorganisation and a complete inability to manage my work life balance!
Feel free to follow with me the trials and tribulations of being a working mother who is making a vain attempt at trying to have a life of her own too!
Welcome to the blog of a Mental Mother!