2016 – Off you F ……

My facebook newsfeed (I guess like yours) is full of a pure split of mood today. You have the kind of people who are stereotypical for New Years Eve – you know the ‘New Year, New Me’ people. And then the rebels, who find this tradition far too uncool and therefore have to take oneContinue reading “2016 – Off you F ……”

Mother’s Day or yet another Children’s day in disguise?

Anybody else feel under immense pressure to post pictures of the sentimental beautiful messages that their children have written to them on this very special day? Or maybe Instagram the piles of thoughtful presents? Share details of days out or special moments shared with the fruits of your loins? Yeah of course you do! AndContinue reading “Mother’s Day or yet another Children’s day in disguise?”

New Year – New Perfect Parenting

Is it really time again to reflect upon the year past? How does this happen? No you are right . it surely can’t be too much of a shock? I mean, I have watched the lines slowly gathering at the corners of my eyes and hairs have mortifingly began to gather above my lips. I haveContinue reading “New Year – New Perfect Parenting”


When the 6 year old daughter informed me she had drawn a picture at school of her Daddy and her teacher didn’t like it … I said her teacher must be mean! Upon further inspection maybe i should retract that statement ? I clearly needed a chat with said child! I asked her why sheContinue reading “THE WONDERS OF THE ENGLISH KS1 CURRICULUM”

New Years Eve 2015 – I bring to you … The Master Plan

Your Social media is no doubt jammed with the obligatory New Years Day Blogs – where we all commit our innermost strength to bringing about immediate change to our somewhat tempestuous lifes, generating great wealth and of course losing that much resented extra weight and becoming somewhat of a super parent.  You will be happyContinue reading “New Years Eve 2015 – I bring to you … The Master Plan”

Summer Slip Ups – Part 2

Maybe you are thinking that our holidays got better from there. Well they did! We had an unforgettable day on the Jet Ski’s. Now that was fun! For the husband!!!!!!! I suppose it is one of those things that everybody wants to try and I am very glad that I tried it to be honest.Continue reading “Summer Slip Ups – Part 2”

Summer Slip Ups – Part 1

Summer Holidays! Yay! Unless you are me of course. Don’t get me wrong, on paper I had an amazing summer planned with perfect precision. Nights out with friends, manic parties at our pad, sleepovers, shopping trips, days out with the kids, picnics, games days, watching TV (a rare luxury in my life), weekends away withContinue reading “Summer Slip Ups – Part 1”

‘Out you go …. Come back when the street lights are on’

2014 is very different to the 80’s that I grew up in. Rose-tinted memories of playing ‘leap frog’ and ‘May I’ with like-minded kids as the sunset over the street were quite accurate. It did happen! Not every day albeit … but it did happen! We roamed the streets without the use of mobile phonesContinue reading “‘Out you go …. Come back when the street lights are on’”

The New Generation

Ok, so it feels odd writing about ‘The New Youth’ when I still feel like a kid myself. However after a recent night on the tiles, I just can’t stop thinking about how the youth of today are so different to us! I thought I would share a few of these musings with you. IContinue reading “The New Generation”

Farewell the year of 2013

It’s been a long time since I have blogged but I couldn’t let the year pass without one post at least.  I have just re-read my New Year’s Eve post from the year previous: it seems my year was a little disappointing to me to say the least. So has this year been more fulfilling?Continue reading “Farewell the year of 2013”