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It is so quirky, raw and original. She has a talent to transport me to a time and place I have never experienced. A very funny and talented writer. Carol Bennett – Canada BUY NOW! Reading ‘The diary of an Ageing Sexual Adolescent’ was a blast from the past and while our musical tastes weren’tContinue reading “IT’S HERE !!!!!! This time with the actual link : /”

Teenagers v’s Parents

Sooooooo everyone makes mistakes, right? I think even ‘mistake’ might be too strong a word…. let’s just leave it at ‘over reaction’. Mornings are not my favourite time I must admit. With a full time (very demanding job) and 3 (very demanding) children, two being teenagers .. it was never going to be rainbows andContinue reading “Teenagers v’s Parents”

Playground Perils

Only the working mum who never ever, ever gets to drop off/pick up her little seedlings from school would ever be envious of the school run! To the stay at home mother or the mother that gets to partake some days …. it is one of the torturous aspects to parenting. It shouldn’t be – IContinue reading “Playground Perils”


When the 6 year old daughter informed me she had drawn a picture at school of her Daddy and her teacher didn’t like it … I said her teacher must be mean! Upon further inspection maybe i should retract that statement ? I clearly needed a chat with said child! I asked her why sheContinue reading “THE WONDERS OF THE ENGLISH KS1 CURRICULUM”

Facebook Addiction

Well it must be said whilst I am sure this title made many of us smile – it is actually no laughing matter! It attaches a whole new meaning to the initials FA! While most of you reading this may chuckle, as you are well aware of this disorder, but how many of you areContinue reading “Facebook Addiction”