2016 – Off you F ……

My facebook newsfeed (I guess like yours) is full of a pure split of mood today. You have the kind of people who are stereotypical for New Years Eve – you know the ‘New Year, New Me’ people. And then the rebels, who find this tradition far too uncool and therefore have to take oneContinue reading “2016 – Off you F ……”

New Years Eve 2015 – I bring to you … The Master Plan

Your Social media is no doubt jammed with the obligatory New Years Day Blogs – where we all commit our innermost strength to bringing about immediate change to our somewhat tempestuous lifes, generating great wealth and of course losing that much resented extra weight and becoming somewhat of a super parent.  You will be happyContinue reading “New Years Eve 2015 – I bring to you … The Master Plan”

Summer Slip Ups – Part 1

Summer Holidays! Yay! Unless you are me of course. Don’t get me wrong, on paper I had an amazing summer planned with perfect precision. Nights out with friends, manic parties at our pad, sleepovers, shopping trips, days out with the kids, picnics, games days, watching TV (a rare luxury in my life), weekends away withContinue reading “Summer Slip Ups – Part 1”

Farewell the year of 2013

It’s been a long time since I have blogged but I couldn’t let the year pass without one post at least.  I have just re-read my New Year’s Eve post from the year previous: it seems my year was a little disappointing to me to say the least. So has this year been more fulfilling?Continue reading “Farewell the year of 2013”


Feeling slightly unaccomplished on my bucket list for 2012 and am not really being helped by people’s Facebook status discussing their immense proudness upon reflection of their achievements for the outgoing year!!! I must admit I did sit down – keypad upon my knee trying to rack my brains to impress my friends list withContinue reading “GOODBYE 2012”

Monday Morning Commute

So once again it seems to be Monday morning, which unbelievably so happens about every 7 days : )! At times even though I dread Mondays, I sometimes view them as a bit of a welcome break. Well maybe not the hard work long day slog bit, but I have to admit I do kindContinue reading “Monday Morning Commute”

A hazy weekend!

Waking up next to a pint of water and a half eaten doner kebab and its stench of garlic mayo may not be everybody’s idea of a perfect Sunday morning …. and it certainly isn’t mine, but it is symbolic of a good night out and in your early thirties that’s a welcome sign. IContinue reading “A hazy weekend!”